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Writing stars.

A bit anxious because the next destination seemed to not be right on the map. He started to get agitated as he drove around.

With the tools and practice, he managed to even out and keep driving but it was getting dark.

He paused and smiled for a second, "not all those who wander are lost" and he pretty much just needed a parking lot as his bed was behind him on the van.

The night came and still no luck, he decided to park on an open field by the highway a little closer to the trees.

Inside the van, he laid down on his bed and looked at the ceiling of it. With the movement of one hand, he removed the ceiling and it was all there, the night sky.

Moving his hands and telling a story the constellations and stars became the characters. Bears and lions fighting each other and Warrior Princess with dresses and make-up instead of armor.

In the morning after falling asleep playing with the constellations he got back on the wheel and kept driving.