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By candlelight.

He finished the circle, a mixture of Enochian and runes inside a seal of Solomon.

‌‌Starting the incantation he asked, for one thing, he asked for her. The perfect match, a soulmate.

‌‌As he spoke the words, a woman from a past era started to materialize inside the circle.

‌‌The eyes of the cat standing nearby glowed red for a second as it jumped and took with it a couple of candles.

‌‌The curtains caught fire and he lost concentration in the middle of the spell. She screamed afraid and in pain as both worlds pulled her towards each other.

‌‌As the house burned down the radio nearby was the last thing standing.

‌‌Weeks after the disaster of the spell. He started hearing her as he drank at the bar, or walked around the city. In the lyrics of songs there she was. " You brought me here and left me" would say the lyrics of a random song.

‌‌" I'm trapped in here, alone without you" in the lyrics of the songs. He would listen carefully to what she felt through the music.

‌‌He started walking the streets with a radio on really close to his ear. After the house burnt down everything, he had burned with it.

‌‌After a few months, he started replying to the radio, speaking back, frustrated that it was his fault that she was trapped.

‌‌Her voice in the lyrics was all he had and all he could do to alleviate the guilt from the spell that went wrong. So he listened and walked and when it was too much he screamed at the radio.

‌‌The coins from people passing by were enough to eat and get some food for a dog that started following him. He spent his days listening to the radio  and walking aimlessly.

‌‌Until one day he decided to go to her, back in the library in a corner where his smell wouldn't bother people. Away from the judgement and where he could still listen to the radio on a very low volume.

‌‌He started reading again about the spell, how to modify it. He wasn't going to bring her and if he got trapped at least they would be together.

‌‌Under a bridge, on a night without a moon like the spell required. The dark side of the moon would be the doorway to her.  After all, new moons are just the dark side showing.

‌‌He drew a new circle, this time around himself. He carved the symbols in his body and drew them around the circle.

‌‌Before he started, he left a pile of food far in a corner so his dog wouldn't  come near the circle.

‌‌The ritual started at twelve as he created it. The chants and voices multiplied as if every symbol carved in his body was singing along with him.

‌‌The circle started to change and move. It started to become a staircase, going up into the darkness of space.

‌‌His body felt light as the symbols on it lifted him at every step climbing higher and higher.

‌‌When he reached the darkness of the moon a handle materialized. when he put his hand on it, he noticed the radio was still going, she sounded angry and distant and disappointed.

‌‌Hesitant, he opened the door and walked in.

‌‌There was nowhere to step on the other side, he fell pulled by the symbols on his body to a seemingly never-ending fall.

‌‌Suddenly in the darkness, he felt the ground and the fall was over. In the distance, a doorway glowed.

‌‌He got up and walked towards it but it didn't seem to get closer, so he started running, and it only got farther away.Exhausted, he fell to the darkness of the ground.

‌‌Without having time to think or understand why the doorway was right in front of him.

‌‌From it, a song played " there's no gatekeeper and this doorway was only made for you, and now I'm going to close it" In quiet desperation, he got up and started running again just for the door to get farther the more he ran.

‌‌Exhausted again he fell and the door got closer. This time he could hear her, " it's you the one I want… I need you…I love you… you got me at your feet"

‌‌He looked up excited trying to see her. Far inside the doorway he caught a glimpse of her, standing  right there absolutely beautiful.

‌‌He got back up and started to walk and then run to get to her. But the doorway moved away again.

‌‌Defeated, he stopped running after lying on the ground looking up into the darkness, he wondered if she was also trapped in a place like this. Then it started. Every symbol on his body would start a different song.

‌‌He could hear her pain and disappointment and sadness and heartbreak and with the volume of the songs, every symbol would burn.

‌‌Every second not running the sound would grow louder and the symbols burn hotter.

So once more he got up and started walking and then running after the door.