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The wolf.

A homeless man moved a box and sat on it. " Right your wrongs, the wolves are coming," said the man lighting a cigarette.

He walked through the street and heard the man say the words but paid no attention.

" you'll see the yellow eyes in the corner of your room. You'll know it's a warning. Every day closer and closer." Said the man letting out a cloud of smoke.

He looked back and kept walking. The night came and he forgot about it.

At three am he woke up to a noise in his room, in the corner for a second he saw a pair of yellow eyes looking right at him.

He robbed his eyes and shook his head to really wake up, when he opened them the room was dark and they were gone.

Quickly he reached for the lamp and pointed the head to the corner. A pile of clothes was placed right where the eyes glowed.

On his way to work, the same man stepped down from the box. " The problem with only feeding one, is you end up with a hungry wolf and when it's loose… nothing but trouble. Right your wrongs"

A bit freaked out this time he kept walling not paying attention trying to forget the eyes he saw the night before.

The man lit the cigarette and kept talking loudly, " it will get closer, it's just a warning. But it is a hungry wolf after all"

He got home and did the laundry. Making sure there were no clothes on the floor that night, just to be sure.

A noise again coming from the corner made him wake up in the middle of the night. He reached for his phone and unlocked it pointing the light to the corner.

The room was empty so he locked the phone. Then, right where he was pointing the eyes globe yellow looking right at him from the corner.

His heart started to beat faster and he remembered the words the man had said on the street "right your wrongs" everything he had done in his life started to pass through his brain.

Like a fast-forward movie and then right there. "Could that be it?" He thought " what the man is talking about?" His heart beat faster as he stared at the eyes; they didn't seem to go away this time.

He reached for the lamp and sat up on his bed. A bit sweaty with shaky hands " how does the man know?" He thought reaching into a drawer to grab a cigarette.

The next day he took the bus to work as he was late from not sleeping at all the night before.

At the bus stop where he got off, a man asked for a lighter. He reached into his jacket pocket and helped him light it.

The man changed the radio station on an old radio he had " The wolf knows, don't need to ask. The wolf comes and goes and it doesn't need an invitation. And it'll come and it'll wait. Until it's time" a song played on the radio. He felt a ping of fear and pushed it down.

Exhausted from a long day and not getting sleep at night he fell asleep right away.

In the morning as he woke up he was pleasantly surprised that he could sleep the whole night without interruptions.

He dismissed the nights before and walked the same way to work. Right there the man was lying beside the box with a cigarette in his mouth and a bloody rag covering his hand.

" you made the wolf, you never fed it torture and poke and isolated it and stole from it. Now it waits on the corner hungry. You'll hear the growls as the eyes look right through you" the man wasn't looking anywhere this time, he just looked down at the ground with an empty look.

" It'll be there until it's time. Right them" said the man grabbing at his hand painfully.

He started running a bit after he heard the man. He didn't want to hear anything else and that time it really freaked him out.

That night he woke up to a stench and his hair was moved by a gust of wind that seemed to bring the smell back and forth.

When he opened his eyes the yellow eyes were there in front of him. Starting right at his. He felt a cold run down his spine as the smell from the mouth of the wolf blew in his face.

Unable to scream, unable to move, he stared at the eyes as the wolf started to growl. The fangs started to show in the middle of the room and the yellow eyes glow in the darkness.

He closed his eyes as a gust of wind blew in his face again.