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The theory of potential

I woke up in the middle of the night,  in a cold sweat, I had to find my tablet... this was going to be groundbreaking.

It came to me in a dream, it was one of those fucked up ones where you see hooded creatures and crazy places, those dreams that you never know if you should call nightmares or not. Anyway, I found it.  The correlation I've been looking for is about life expectancies and geniuses!

After a long mathematical equation explaining the mechanics of potential energy, that I don't want to bore you with, I can prove that the younger the people died the more potential energy was stored on ... the universe, or God, or the force or whatever you want to call it.

See,  in the times when people's life expectancy was lower, we have more prominent figures in art, math, philosophy, music you name it. I'm calling this:  "the theory of potential"

This is how it goes: let's assume there's a limited amount of potential and that it is distributed randomly among the generations and let's attribute a random value for full potential, let's say 2000. Now let's assume that the maximum reach of potential when you "have used all your potential" is about 50, just to make the math easy.

And let's say that the potential not used by this generation will be stored up in, let's call it the cloud.

So in the Middle Ages when the life expectancy was about 30  to 40 there was a 10-year gap between the potential usage and the potential stored in the person. So if by 50 you use 100 percent of your potential energy by 30 you've used about 60 percent so the 40 that's left will go to the cloud.

Now imagine that in this cloud there is a surplus of potential because people are not reaching their full potential before death. All this potential will be re-distributed and this is how we get geniuses! The surplus of potential goes to fewer people so they reach a higher potential earlier and have more to use before they die.

Now, you might say is hindsight bias because only the geniuses made it to history but look at the life expectancy of today and at the number of geniuses we got today... I don't see that many.

You also might say that it's still hindsight because we are not looking back on today yet, history is just being written as we speak. I  agree, but I think the biggest flaw in the theory is that people are living way longer so there should be a lot less potential going to each person. For that, I would argue that people are living longer but not reaching their full potential! They just live unsatisfactory lives until the end of their days. Where are our geniuses? I think we are owed some.
Signed: Dr. M. Dorovich

I put the tablet down where I was writing the article and wrote a note on a paper that was close by:

Read this article I left it open for you on the tablet, I think it will explain exactly why I got sick! If my life ends soon and I die in this procedure, all I'm doing is sending my potential energy to be stored in "the cloud" I'm helping the next generation! When you see the next genius playing piano or painting or discovering a vaccine at a very young age we can both rest easy knowing I helped.

I love you.