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The temple of time.


The footprints on the sand started to show up as every wave hit the shore.
They grew deeper with every wave. Then a foot started to form from the dry sand around the edges of the prints.

A leg, a torso, and then ahead. stepping backward at the edge of the beach as every footprint on the sand despaired in front of her.

Her hair moved in all directions as if there were different gusts of wind. Stepping backward moving away from the beach towards a door with glowing green runes forming a circle. After she stepped inside, the door disappeared and time went back to moving forward.

Inside, there was an official reception with two gray couches. There was a clipboard with a pen hanging off the wall. Above it, there was a sign that said name with an arrow pointing down to it. She wrote her name on the clipboard and sat on one of the couches.

Passing the reception desk, there was a hallway with lots of doors. One of them opened and behind it, she could see the universe. From that door a figure emerged, a tall figure with a lab coat. " please, this way" said the figure " let's see."

The figure grabbed the clipboard and put on glasses where the eyes should've been. " Ah, you performed the time ritual at the temple. Impressive, but now you need some new lines in those hands" said the figure as they walked into space.

A desk and some chairs were in the space floating. " let's see… what do I get…" the figure pushed a non-existent cabinet and opened a door.

The figure pulled out long metal shapes like the ones used to brand animals. "alright let's see which of these… ah yes!" The figure put down the rest of the irons on the desk, got close to another non-existent wall to pull up a door that opened up into a raging fire, and put one of them inside.

" Just give it a couple of minutes. So? Was it worth it? Did you fix it?" Asked the figure " I hope so I mean I guess it all depends on what you give me," she said pointing at the fire. " ah yes I guess we'll see," said the figure
She looked at the irons on the desk and then looked at her wrinkleless palms. She bit her thumb drawing a bit of blood and flicked the hand towards the fire.

A drop landed on the iron as planned and she started to modify the shape of it to be the same as it was before the ritual.

The temple.

She found the temple in the middle of the jungle. Long lost to those who didn't have magic. Said to give those who enter the chance to fix the past.

To change a moment in time. Following old maps from old books she found the way inside guided by the legend. She looked at her hand and put it against the first door as it said in the margins of a map. Then, looking at the book she read the incantation.

The heavy door made a sound and it went red in a circle around the hand. The hard surface of the rock door started to melt and it took the hand inside it. The glow dimmed as the door gave the hand back. When she looked, one of the lines in her hand was gone.

On the other side, a staircase made of rock went down into a dark cave. She put the map in the book and the book in a bag then whispered the words in an ancient language a small fire lit up in the palm of her hand.

At the end of the stairs, there were seven doors each blocked by solid rock. She took the map out and looked at the writings on it.

' If you've made it this far you should know it is too late. You'll have to see this choice through to the end' beside that there was a note that pointed at the page in the book.

'Divination in the palm. Life, love, and fortune. In your hands the future and present' she looked at her palm now missing one of the lines.

The temple had already taken life and she now was trapped in the temple with only one option. To see the ritual through.

She saw a rock stand out from the rest. She grabbed it but the rock turned to dust. As the grains fell from her hand she recognized the substance used in old practices to find magic.

She threw the dust-up in the air reciting incantations. As it glowed, the dust moved towards one of the doors forming a line in the air. She put her hand against it and the door took another line off of her hand. Fortune this time.

The rock blocking the door melted as she passed through it. On the other side, a dark cavern opened up with rock pillars in the middle of it. She made her way down the crooked steps and casting a spell a green fire lit up between the pillars.

She grabbed five runes from her bag and threw them in the fire. For a second the fire shrank, then it grew bigger as the runes started to float above it. She put her hand in the fire and finished the spell by saying the words he found in the book. The fire turned into tongs and started to wrap around her arm.

The fire got brighter and started to move into the last line in her hand. As the fire grew brighter it also started to disappear inside the line and when it was all done the line was ash and it fell off of her hand.

The runes still floating moved straight to a door and made a circle. She walked right up to it and when she touched the handle a silent sound wave came from the handle and rattled the whole temple.

' Think of the day and get inside the door ' she remembered from the book. Slowly the door opened and she walked through it.


The creature pulled the iron out of the fire. " Will it hurt?" She asked

‌‌" What? This? Oh no this doesn't go on your hands" said the creature as it opened a cabinet full of folders.

‌‌" Yes, this one," said the creature as it looked for the right file with its fingers. Then it pulled out the file and opened it, read a couple of lines from it and put it on the desk.

‌‌As it branded the page she started to see the lines coming back to her hands. words and letters and memories flooded back to her head as the wrinkles on her palms started to appear one by one.

‌‌Only halfway through the process, the creature said: " we can't let you leave, and mess with time again now that you know where the temple is"

‌‌She looked up at the faceless creature as all the memories rushed into her brain. "trapped in one place right into another" she thought.

‌‌She whispered and the drop of blood became a spike that went through the creature's head without causing any harm.

‌‌"Good try," said the creature as she got up from the chair and started running. She tried to remember where the door was but it was nothing but space.

‌‌She ran as fast as she could, moving planets out of orbit to try to stop the creature. She started craving stars and then casting spells to shoot them at the creature.

‌‌The creature was not too far behind her, organizing the planets and putting every star back where they were before.

‌‌She saw the earth and started running towards it and with a spell started to shrink to jump into the planet.

Scape II

She froze a wave where she landed and slid down into the water. Freezing the water in front of her she started to run toward the shore

‌‌In the sky, the creature reached down to try to watch her but missed. From the people at the shore, it looked like the universe was melting inside of its planet and then went back to normal.

‌‌At the shore when she stopped running she felt different. She looked at her hands and felt a new kind of power. She could feel time as a new dimension, if she focused she could almost see it.

‌‌A sort of flow of light like northern lights, that she could pull and pause and stretch at will. She didn't even need words now with the new lines on her palms she could feel the soft fabric of time.