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The fisherman.

There once was a  fisherman. He went fishing at night on a lake with nothing but an oil lamp and his fishing equipment. One night was full of stars and a full moon reflecting on the water. He caught a glowing white KOI fish, right where the moon was reflecting.

This meant he had a wish. Anything he could ask for. "One wish…" he thought. He needed to keep the fish alive if he wanted to get the wish.

So he would walk the fish on a red wagon filled with water. He got a huge tank the size of a fridge for his house, where he kept the fish.

The years went by, and the fisherman got old. His fish was still waiting for a wish. In his bed, the old man thought about how blessed he'd been, he had a cabin and enough fish to eat and sell.

As he rested, he felt a sharp pain in his chest. Calmly he breathed and looked at the fish from his bed "one wish" he thought.

He'd lived a happy life, in a raspy voice the old man wished for the fish to go back to the lake, he said "you'll be the thing I leave behind, go back to the lake and let yourself be found by someone else."

The fish glowed like never before and swam as fast as it could towards the bottom of the tank. In a big flash of light, the fish disappeared and in the cabin, there was nothing but the memory of an old man.