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The colours in the rain

Frustrated in the car, she looked out the window as it started to rain.

‌‌She just wanted something to do while she was in transit, the road was dark and there wasn't much for her to see either.

‌‌She focused on a drop of water moving across the window. Somehow she knew thst among the rest of the drops that one drop was a tier.

‌‌as she watched the tier move down the window, she wondered about the tiers dropped on the sea. Do they fall into it just to fall back again later to the earth?

‌‌Carefully she rolled down her window and with a finger took the tier from the window.

‌‌She dropped it at the end of her eye and let it run down her cheek " it does feel like home doesn't it?" She said to the tier.

‌‌The tier fell to the back of her hand and it became a golden bracelet. When it finished forming around her hand she saw them all.

‌‌The different colours in the rain from every sea and river where a tier ended up.

‌‌The gray clouds took their colours of every tier and as she watched, tiers of her own started to fall but she fell a something wiping them up before they left her cheek.

‌‌She knew it was the bracelet telling her there was no need for tiers and to remember that day under the rain.