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The Backalley.

He knocked at the door twice, the small metal trapdoor opened to show just a pair of eyes "passcode?" The man said impatiently behind the door. " Control what you can," said the man outside.

The door opened to a dark corridor that led to a fancy room with dim lights and slow playing music. Guided by head nods he made it to the second floor.

"you're here!" Said the man with the cigar on his mouth buttoning up one of his vests as he got up " please sit" he said pointing at an empty chair as he unbuttoned the vest and sat back down.

" What is this place?" He asked, " this? Is just a bar, but for those who know how to ask it's a lot more. When did the passcode change by the way?" said the man hitting the cigar with a finger over the ashtray. "last Monday" he replied.

" So, what brings you here?" Asked the man lying back on his chair. " I heard this is the back alley, where you come to trade Informa.." the man interrupted, clearing his throat " there's no need to say such things. What brings you here?"

" I figure how they're communicating, in the library books, titles, and stories…" a waiter interrupted, bringing two drinks.

" Anyways yeah… the… library…" he tried to recover his train of thought before the man interrupted " I'm afraid we already know that, I can't pay you for what we already know. But exactly like that there is a lot more out there if you decide to play. Welcome to the game," said the man "thank you for the passcode. I'm not as crazy as I sound like, am I?" The man smiled and with his hand pointed at the exit.