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Painting sunsets.

The lake reflected the colours of the sunset as he sat at the dock. With a lazy gesture of the hand, he started to blur a cloud that was very clearly defined in the sky.

‌‌Taking a sip of the beer with his other hand, he kept smearing the cloud until it was a very light fog.

‌‌He looked at the reflection in the lake and noticed the sun wasn't in it anymore. With two fingers he separated the trees where the sun was moving down and with the other hand's index and thumb he grabbed the sun and moved it up so he could look at the reflection.

‌‌One of the trees in the background wasn't as well-positioned as he would have liked it so he moved it up making it just a bit taller.‌‌ Looking at the reflection it didn't seem to have the right colours so he moved the sun again and took a sip of his beer.

‌‌He looked down at the lake and then up into the sky, still missing something. A small star was shining but not bright enough in his opinion. Grabbing the sleeve of his jacket he polished it until it was shining the brightest it could.

‌‌Then, looking down at the lake  it was perfect. He walked to the edge of the water, grabbed it and started rolling it.

‌‌Taking the last sip of his beer he put the lake under his arm and threw the bottle up into the air. Pointing with his index and thumb making the shape of a gun, the bottle blew up in the air and the night sky went pitch black with lots of stars and a crescent moon.