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'Star stuff' read a label on a box in a closet hidden behind more stuff in boxes.

She reached for it and opened it, a telescope and a jar full of black dust were listed beside a leather journal.

Branded with two initials. She had forgotten completely about it until that night, a lunar eclipse.

She opened the box and read the journal, secrets and thoughts of the past not relevant anymore.

Except for one, written in gibberish almost with symbols in the margins and a sigil in the corner.

The date was marked as the date of the eclipse. "Do NOT open the jar before midnight" was written in the journal in red ink. Confused, she grabbed the jar and looked at it.

‌‌Shook it a bit and nothing happened. It was nine when she read it so she completely forgot and left the jar beside her bed on the nightstand and fell asleep.

‌‌At twelve the jar on the nightstand started to glow, the black dust was now golden and floating inside the jar like spores of a dandelion.

The glow from the jar woke her up and she grabbed it. She looked at the time and it was one minute past twelve. Slowly she opened the jar and caught the spores as the journal instructed. She ran around the room trying to get every last one of them.

‌‌With her hands glowing trying to catch her breath when she was done, she read the words from the journal and the glow disappeared, but every heartbeat felt different.

‌‌She could feel every last heartbeat and spore inside her hands. When she put her hands on the wall some bits of crystal glowed as she felt them and then like it was aluminum foil she crushed the wall in one hand.

Terrified she tried putting it back but there wasn't much she could do. There was now a high hole in the wall.

‌‌Instinctively she apologized to the wall for some reason and put a couple of bricks back that she grabbed from the floor.

‌‌Looking at her hands she shook them, trying to get the spores out but it didn't work.

‌‌She tiptoed out of the room even though it was only in her hands and gently tried to grab the phone to call someone but it broke immediately.


So still panicking a little she took two deep breaths and went for the coconut that was over the fridge " might as well" she thought.


After easily crushing it she took a piece and looked out the window as she ate it.