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he was setting everything up, he got the chairs and blankets ready.   It was something they did for years to watch the meteor shower. She was a mechanical engineer and manage to create a machine, that drew into some sort of mat a live picture of the night sky.  

A very, very wide angle Camera captured as much as it could, and it would translate that into a table made out of individual metal sticks that would move up and down depending on the position of the stars. Her husband lost vision when he was young, but he still remembered what they looked like.  So she drew up the sketches, did the math, and started creating.

The only problem was that they would have to be very lucky to get one shooting star to pass by the frame of the camera, even if it was a wide-angle Camera.  So the second version was a dome. With multiple cameras feeding into the machine. He got good at mapping out the sky, moving his hand over the dome, and feeling the bumps that were stars and planets.

It was years of working and looking at the sky and finding a mechanism that could do what she needed. That night, it worked. She was holding a hot cup of coffee and he was telling her stories about the constellations as he ran his hand over the dome and pointed up towards the sky. It was 3 am with his hand around Orion when he felt a light unexpected tingle that went from the bottom of his wrist to his index finger. By reflex, he almost lifted his hand but when he understood what he'd just seen, a tear fell from his eye.  

His wife noticed the tear but not the shooting star she'd just looked down to take a sip of coffee. Confused, she wiped the tear with her thumb, and then she understood.   It worked! She jumped up and hugged him and spilled the coffee all over the ground. She couldn't contain the emotion and started running in circles around her husband. How did it feel? Where did it come from? How did you feel it? Did you make a wish?   Before he could answer any of the questions, he felt another one. He screamed and pointed so that his wife would see it too. The sky put up a good show, around 15 shooting stars an hour, and he saw them all for the first time in a while.