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Rising sea.

The sea saw her one night, as he moved and played with the sand on the shore.

‌‌He saw her reflection in the water. Swimming back to the light beaming through to the deepest and darkest corner.

‌‌Watching the light, he wondered if he could touch it, but every time he got close his hand would disappear.

‌‌Following the light, he came up to the surface and walking over it saw the source.

‌‌On a night with a full moon, he looked up and watched as her brightness shined on the water.

‌‌The sea started to move the water to keep the light reflect inside it. To trap it at least a little, keep a bit just in case she was gone.

‌‌He couldn't do it, he couldn't touch it or keep it. So he started at the moon remembering the details and dimples.

‌‌The sea rose as much as it could that night, to try to reach her but she shined brightly from the sky.

‌‌The next night he looked for her and there she was but something was missing. The sea rose again and looked everywhere inside it to fill what was missing but before he knew it, it was morning again and she was gone.

‌‌The night after she was smiling, her reflection showed it and in the middle of the sky there she was. A smile.

‌‌It lasted for a couple of nights until one night she was gone. He didn't rise that night, he watched, walking back and forth from where she usually reflected.

‌‌The sea went back to a routine but it felt tasteless and pointless. The night was over but it didn't matter to him.

‌‌The next night, she smiled. The sea playfully and carefully rose again trying to not do something that would break the smile.

‌‌This lasted a couple of nights until he knew she was there in full force height as ever. So he rose with all his might to reach her but it was still not enough.

‌‌So he played with the reflection and for a second when he passed right under it, he disappeared. Under the light of the moon, the sea lost itself.

‌‌The next night he looked again for a missing piece to never find it and understand it was all part of the dance. After that night she smiled and he played but the next night she was gone.

‌‌So the sea rose to reach her and fell when she was gone and to this day old as the sea is now. He's still trying and it's all worth it even if he doesn't because he sees her smile.