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Running late for a delivery he tripped and all the contents from the bag fell all over the place. A cube, in particular, was the most disastrous; the crystal cube fell but didn't break.

‌‌Instead, it unfolded and it opened up spreading and copying itself over and over until everything in front of it was glass.

‌‌Infinite reflections of reflections. Trying to contain it he picked it up but the faces of the cube started to spread to his hands also.

‌‌Every step would break a mirror and create a mirror in every crack. Following invisible walls made by mirrors, he found a staircase.

‌‌The steps went down but on the landing, there was a reflection of clouds and a separate set of stairs going up.

‌‌At the top of them, there was a balcony as he leaned to look over it he saw the faces of the cube unfolding and making everything into mirrors.

‌‌The trees, the streets, the lamps, the cars, the buildings and houses.

‌‌This was right before his own eyes became mirrors, more faces of the cube.