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Reality TV live

The game show host started to introduce the game of the night. The man on the screen didn't know yet but the people in the street he talked to were being brought inside the studio as audience members.

The well-dressed animated host made a joke and the signs lit up for people to laugh.

It was just the beginning of the night so a couple of people sitting sparsely on the stands looked at each other awkwardly.

He was being projected on the big screen, and from there the audience could see what was happening.

After a while, the studio was full, at that moment the lights changed and the music got louder for a few minutes.

From one side of the stage, people started bringing remotes for the audience not yet explaining what they were for.

On the screen, nothing exciting was happening. He ate, went to work, and lived a normal, even boring life.

Right at nine, he took a razor blade and cut himself on the shoulder after he figured out where the cameras were.

The signs lit up telling the audience to gasp. This time with a studio full of people there was silence after the gasp.

The lights of the studio dimmed and the man on the screen moved his lips as subtitles started to show on the bottom of the screen without sound.

" That was a warning, if you don't leave I will do it." He went to bed thinking it was going to be more dramatic than it was.

With the dim lights in the studio, the host started to speak slowly and almost in a creepy whisper.

" By now you all have control over your hand, and you get to decide these two questions: was that real? Did he cut himself on the shoulder or is he messing with us?

And! If he is not lying should we leave?

Vote now!"

The stage illuminated and animated music started playing. A green light would point at the chair that had cast their vote.

After everyone in the public was illuminated by the green light there was a show of lights and the stats started to show up on the screen.

" It seems that it was real!

And it seems that we stay in the game."

A second screen beside the middle one started to show audience members' faces. The discomfort was clear in some of them.

Still confused as to what this was about and how they even got there, and why would people not vote to leave.

On the screen, everything he saw on his cell phone was visible, who he followed, what he gave a like to, absolutely everything.

Beside the yes or no buttons there was: he's alright and a fuck that guy buttons.

The host started to explain that the more clicks of the fuck the guy would gradually increase the ringing in his left ear.

The host gave a testing round to the audience and eighty percent of the audience clicked fuck that guy.

Most meant it but some just wanted to see if the ringing would go up.

As he waited for the bus he started scrolling seeing random videos and pictures. He laughed at one of them and an audible gasp came from the audience.

The fuck that guy emojis on the screen started to fly as the audience kept clicking nonstop.

A week for the man on the screen was an hour in the studio.

At the halfway point of the show, from the side of the stage, they started to bring another set of remotes.

The audience now was going to be able to manage the feed being shown to the man on the screen.

The host paused the show after the audience had time to play with the feed.

" he seems lonely, what do you say we get him a wife? Vote now on your remotes!"

The vote was a majority of positive votes. The host continued: " based on dating app data and history. We have found the woman of his dreams!"

A spotlight pointed at a chair in the audience, and the signs lit up again for people to clap.

The host walked over to her and extended his hand. He asked for her name and gave her a new remote and took the other two with him as he guided her to a chair in the middle of the stage.

" The feed is yours now. Make him fall in love." said the host as the stage was colored with pink light to change the mood.

He caught on that there was someone on the other side, that it was a woman and that he wanted him but then it got weird when he started seeing tests to see if he liked who she was or her body type.

And then he also understood every like that was given that wasn't for her would make her jealous.

This all happened as the comment section of the show was introduced and the audience was able to write.

It was almost the end of the show. She was angry in the chair finding posts to make him angry or sad or insecure or something.

He was laying on his bed looking at the ceiling and didn't move for hours.

The audience was visibly uncomfortable again. The faces on the side screen changed from fear to stress to sadness and there was no button to help the man on the screen.

There was a flash of light on the stage and the screen went dark. " That is all for tonight everyone.

But before we leave you can vote one last time

this vote is for you is secret. No one will know until tomorrow.

You get to choose to come back. Now vote and see you all tomorrow. For another night of the show."

The next night, there were only a few chairs empty, which then got filled again by people he passed by.

" Yesterday we left off on a massive fight. After our contestant proved that the man on the screen was not going to be a fateful husband when she tested him with another woman and he failed by liking a picture!

What a pickle!" the signs lit up again for the audience to clap

" Now you can vote, will you forgive him? Well…can you find it in you to forgive him" he said, getting close to her and putting a hand on her shoulder.

The signs lit up for the audience to go aww.

" yes I forgive him," she said, and to celebrate she kissed the host and sat back down on her chair.

" Let's begin with day two!!" said the host cleaning lipstick off his face.

The audience went aww again and the second set of statistics started to show up on the other side of the screen. Her statistics went to the opposite side of the screen as him.

The green went up seeing she had forgiven him and then the red went up after the kiss.

"Because of your merciful heart you have unlocked the prices!" balloons started falling from the ceiling as the lights went crazy.

" and with that our second game for tonight! Let's see the other contestants!" three lights illuminated three sits in the audience and three handsome men started coming down the stairs toward the stage.

" Now, " said the host, " you can still choose." the host pointed at the screen as the man on it slept and in the captions, it read: fart.

The men on the stage were wearing suits and carrying flowers. Musicians and businessmen.

" What do you say to people in the audience?" the host pointed at the audience and the votes started to come in.

It looked pretty even but she held fifty percent of the vote. Whichever she chose would be added to the result.

She looked at the man and clicked the test drive button. The show paused, the lights went out but the music got louder.

After a while, she left a room with one of the men and the lights turned on again.

The host pointed to the audience " now back to:"

" The marriage, " replied the audience in one voice.

On the screen, he sat in the lobby of a hotel waiting.

She looked down at her remote, and looked back at the audience. " he's wearing shorts"

She pressed a button on her remote and he got sent back to the beginning as the audience screamed " wrong!"

When he got there again, she looked at her remote and back at the audience.

" the car is not right" " she pressed a button and he got sent back to the beginning as the audience screamed "wrong! " again.

He got back to the lobby again, and she looked down at her remote and back at the audience. " he doesn't have flowers" "wrong!" screamed the audience as she pressed a button and he got sent back to the beginning.

He got there again, parked the car, dressed nicely, and had flowers. " Not right," she said, looking at the audience as they screamed " wrong!"

" So many attempts, he can't seem to get this one right. I think you deserve more prices!"  lights went crazy and the balloons started falling again.

" you have another chance to choose," the host pointed at the screen and back at the three men.

" Which will it be?"  the host pointed at the audience and the votes started flying on the screen.

" I'll give him another chance," she said, voting with her controller.

The host pointed at the screen and the man on it didn't move. He was laying on his bed again for hours.

The audience went crazy with the red button emojis flying on the screen.

" he let me down. fuck that guy!" she screamed and the audience repeated in a chorus. " fuck. That. Guy.!" The posts on the fees started to pop up saying he let her down.

She picked one of the other contestants and they walked off the stage. The signs lit up again for the audience to go aww.

" well he is pretty fucked " said the host pointing at the screen and the signs lit up for the audience to laugh.

" What do you say? Should we throw this dog a bone?" said the host pointing at the audience.

The votes started flying in on the screen.

" alright and that's a yes! Let's give him a chance." said the host

On the feed, this started to pop up from the main source bypassing the audience feed.

" Now we wait, he has half an hour of our time to understand and execute. Let's see if he gets it," said the host, exciting the audience as the lights started to move again and a clock started counting down on a screen beside the main one.

Emojis and comments started pouring in and a new screen popped up to the side of the clock.

The audience was now able to bet on the man on the screen making it or not.

The clock ticked, and the audience voted and finished betting.

Two minutes left until the clock and the man didn't seem I get it.

" It seems there we are cutting it pretty close!" said the host as the audience started counting down from ten.

" and zero!" said the host, the lights moved again and the stage glowed red. Some people in the audience started jumping and screaming because they won.

The rest started to flood the feed to tell him he disappointed them and missed an opportunity.

" and that my friends are the end of night two! And again you get to vote!

But I'll see you all tomorrow.

And remember:" the host pointed at the audience

" No one is coming!" replied the audience in a chorus.

" and everyone else is also sad. Until tomorrow!" said the host as the screen went black.

The next night, as everyone came back the screen lit up and the lights turned on.

"Bring out another contestant!" said the host

The spotlight lit up another chair in the audience and the host brought another woman to the chair in the middle of the stage.

With his ear ringing because he decided to stay he started watching the feed as the new contestant started choosing what he could see.

" I'm not good at this," she said to the host.

" It takes time, " he said as she got up and also kissed him.

With an exaggerated surprised face, the host looked at the camera as he cleaned the lipstick off his face again.

" make your bets! Will he figure out it's someone different?" the host started to whisper " only we know and there is no way for him to figure it out"

The new contestant was getting impatient as she didn't seem to be able to move him as the last one did. But she never took into account that he didn't know it was her.

On the screen, the word popped up and he figured out it was someone different. The lights of the stage started flashing and half the people in the public started jumping up and down.

" Now you can vote on new rules! He's going to have to follow them regardless of him knowing if they exist. And… vote!" said the host pointing at the audience.