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"It had been two years since the artificial trees that captured carbon and illuminated pathways that powered other lights by generating electricity when people walked over them were tested and running efficiently worldwide.

‌‌A new system of water purification started to make it safer and easier to get access to potable water. There is also a system to rehabilitate soil that has been damaged by overproduction.

‌‌The legislation had made it so that every building had a percentage of green roofs lowering the heat in the cities. This was called the AVTR project: less carbon in the air, more access to potable water, stopping the rise in heat and keeping the soil healthy.

‌‌These new cities were also designed to prioritize pedestrians and bicycles. Having almost all electric-powered fast-moving vehicles underground.

‌‌The problem with the electric vehicles as someone once told me was, where is all this new energy coming from? Because, if the source is not clean then we're fixing a problem with another"

‌‌The scientist was explaining to a classroom full of kids how with the advancement in technology we not only found a way to get to the 2-degree goal but to start reversing the damage of global warming.

‌‌" and maybe you are the key to this. If we're all answers to questions then maybe all you need to do is find your question" said the scientist closing the talk in a room full of bright eyes as all the hands went up eager with questions.