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Plasma in the middle.

He grabbed a star on the slingshot and pointed to a sun close by.

‌‌Pulling back as far as he could, he remembered he needed to put on his glasses and awkwardly put them on without letting go.

‌‌Three, two, one. He said and let go. The star crashed against the sun making a huge explosion of plasma.

‌‌That dissipated right before it was about to hit him. He looked carefully and with a jar trapped a bit of the explosion and closed the lid.

‌‌Shaking it a bit, the plasma took shape and it stood up hitting the jar with its fists trying to escape.

‌‌He shook it again and the plasma went back to a shapeless cloud. And then again, and it became a bird.

‌‌Slowly he opened the lid and the bird flew out of the jar and onto his shoulder. He played its head with his index right before the bird took flight.

‌‌As it flew away, the bird started to grow. It became a hawk and then an eagle and then it was bigger.

‌‌He ran under it as the bird grew larger and larger. Suddenly his ground ran out and noticing too late he was running towards a cliff.

‌‌Without doubting he jumped off the cliff and in response the bird turned and caught him as he fell.

‌‌By the movement of its wings, the planets close by would move up and down back to normal as if a ripple of water just hit them.

‌‌He made his way to the head of the bird and sat on its beak. From it, he watched the universe ripple as the bird moved through it.

‌‌Suddenly, the bird folded its wings and started a freefall towards a black hole.

‌‌Right before entering, the birth opened its wings and the light going into the black hole dispersed like a patch of dust moved by the wind of its wings.

‌‌Then, the bird folded its wings again and dropped inside. Instinctively, he moved the plasma around and got inside the head of the bird.

‌‌Uncomfortably holding his breath, he watched the distortion inside the black hole take place.

‌‌The light trapped inside it transformed and moved, taking shapes as the bird did on the other planet.

‌‌He started to understand that the figures and shapes that the light was taking were wishes and moments. Upon a star or witnessed by one.

‌‌They were all being brought back to the beginning for safekeeping and storage. In the center of the black hole, a small creature with a striped shirt and jeans sat on a desk lit by a lamp.

‌‌With a great visor and an old typewriter without paper.

‌‌The bird flew in a circle around the desk and started to shrink. He panicked for a second but then started to shrink with the bird and as that happens he could breathe.

‌‌The creature patted its head with its index finger and opened a drawer to grab small pieces of a star to feed it after the bird landed on its shoulder.