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On a night without moon.

She grabbed the crystal and held it in the air. Twisted it three times and pulled it down like a zipper. As the crystal moved down it opened up a cut in the fabric of reality.

She felt the breeze from the beach where she just opened the portal. Her hair moved up with the wind. She stood up from the bed and grabbed a couple of bags with more crystals in them and a couple of books.

Carefully She stepped through the cut and felt the sand on her feet. She pulled the Crystal up to close the portal and grabbed another one from one of the bags.  She kissed it and threw it a couple of steps ahead of her. When the crystal touched the sand it exploded into a green and blue fire that settled into a constant rea but not bigger than a campfire.

She started to set up everything. looked up at the sky with colors ranging from yellow to red to blue to purple to a darker purple to a dark blue. The first star was out so there was no time to waste.

She grabbed a book and started flipping through it until she got to the maps. She held it up against the night sky turning it and twisting it until she found the right position. As she put the book in the sand, with one hand she lifted the other and took a deep breath.

With one movement she brought that hand down with only her index and middle finger up. She pushed against the book without touching it like there was a force field around it and when she did that a gust of wind came from the book blowing her hair back. A circle of sand about two feet in diameter almost touching the fire was drawn in the sand.

She had just transferred the map from the book into the sand. The stars needed to match perfectly with the dots in the sand or it wasn't going to work. She looked up at the first star and it wasn't alone anymore, the sky was also getting darker. "There's still time," she thought.

She put that one book back into the bag and grabbed an older book, she grabbed it very delicately almost as if it was going to fall apart at any second. "Yeap yeap, the words…, repeat them six times… yeah." She said out loud as she read with a finger guiding her eyes. "Alright," she said, closing the book with one hand.

She grabbed four crystals from the bag and placed them around the circle in the four cardinal points. As she stood outside facing the crystal that would be pointing north she put her hands in a prayer position, then whispered three words, almost inaudible, and quickly opened her hands.

In between her hands, there was a cloud of glowing dust particles suspended in the air. She whispered another word and took a deep breath. As she breathed in, the dust went inside her hands and the crystals into the ground.

She looked up again and it was almost time. After she went to the fire and put a hand straight in the middle. The fire wrapped around her without burning her and completely disappeared when she closed her hand around the crystal.

She put the crystal and the old book back into the bag and wore them like a backpack. Then grabbed her shoes and tied them together to put them around her neck. As she stepped into the circle she whispered the words from the book. Ancient letters started to show up around the circle in the sand as she said them. When she got to the middle of the circle she sat down in the lotus position and put her hands facing up. She looked up as she whispered the words that were almost all around the circle.

The volume in her voice started to rise slowly from a whisper to a low voice. As she did that, the glowing particles from her hand started to fly out again and move around her. The speed of the particles was connected to the tone of her voice.

The night was dark with a new moon, but the beach was bathed in the blue dim light coming from the particles. As she said the last words from the book, the stars in the sky were perfectly aligned and the ancient words from the circle went completely around.  

Then all the blue particles became beams of bright white light connecting each dot in the map drawn in the sand to a star in the sky. Her eyes were glowing white and everything around her was as if suspended in time.

The circle in the sand started to spin slowly, bending the beams of light with it. Then it started to get smaller and smaller. The circle became so small it was just one beam of light pointing at her forehead and going right through her.

The beam of light started seeping into her veins making them glow. A minute passed and the stars were no longer aligned.  The beams were all gone but she was still glowing, she stood up and started walking towards the water. Every step she took made the sand underneath her feet turn into glass.

The shoelaces around her neck burned out and the shoes fell to the beach. As she started to step into the water, the water would boil as it touched her. After she was completely underwater, she felt the power. She could create an island with a finger and a storm with a glance. The rhythm of her breath became the movement of the sea.