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New constellations

She folded a paper crane and put it in the window, a gust of wind gave it life and real wings.

‌‌The bird flew up into the sky over the clouds and into space up there two stars followed and one guided the way.

‌‌Playfully moving in circles around the bird they protected it from any comets and floating rocks in the way.

‌‌An old man sitting at the top of a comet greeted them by taking his hat off and putting it on his chest.

‌‌Then with a quick movement, he put a hand inside his hat and disappeared inside it. The hat floated in place as it shrank to fit the head of the paper crane.

‌‌One of the stars landed at the top of the hat and became dust as it touched the tip of it.

‌‌As the dust fell over the paper crane the body that was once paper became flesh and bones to match the wings.

One of the stars that were flying behind took the lead as they continued flying.

‌Without noticing a shooting star headed right towards them and right as it was about to hit the crane one of the stars got in between and got crushed into dust.

‌‌The dust that came from it fell on the crane and the head and neck that were paper became real.

‌‌They were headed to the edge of the galaxy. There she sat writing with black ink over the dark of the universe.

‌‌She was the same girl that folded the crane but different lighter and almost see-through but with a heavy presence.

‌‌The crane wrapped its wings over the star and brought it forward vowing its head.

‌‌She kept writing not noticing the crane until she wrote so much that she bumped into it.

‌‌She took the star and from the darkness of the universe, she opened a cabinete where she pulled a jar and gently placed the star inside.

‌‌After closing the door she noticed the crane had no legs yet so she looked at the universe as if reading something and when she found it started to write.

‌‌The legs of the crane started to materialize out of nowhere and then it stood straight looking gracefully at her.

‌‌She petted the crane as she took the hat off and shook it bringing out the old man from the hat.

‌‌He took the hat, cleaned his robes and moving his hands slowly he printed at the crane that started flying as a response.

‌‌From her window, she watched the night sky, a dark spot without stars, where in a few seconds the constellation of a crane was born.