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Moon Fairy.

She ran out of the building with one hand up calling a taxi. Inside it, she gave the driver directions to the tallest building In the city.
A sneeze she wasn't expecting forced her wings out sensing dust all over the back seat.

She pulled the wings in before the driver noticed and nervously started scooping the dust inside her purse trying to act normal. The glow of the city's neon signs reflected off of the rain bouncing off the window.
She moved her hand pointing to the window and the light drew a stick figure that started to run inside the taxi jumping over garbage bins and tables that the car would pass by.

When she got to the building, she reached into her purse and blew on the bills so that they didn't have any dust, then paid the taxi driver.
At the door, there was a tall figure who was wearing a long black leather trench coat.  "follow me she said"  they walked through a hallway with flickering light and got to a staircase.

" show me," said the woman in the trench coat.  She understood and pulled out one of her wings to show her. At the same time, the woman did the same.

After that, the woman's attitude completely changed and she was a lot friendlier. " You were the only moon fairy in the city," said the woman as they both made their way to the elevator.  

" yeah I don't do this anymore," she said as the boring elevator music played in the background  " I can barely remember the last time. It takes a lot of energy to make the spell work. I'm always spent for days after is done"

" It'll be quick I promise. Just one barrel of essence should be enough. I'll pay double for being a full moon." Said the woman as the doors of the elevator opened. The building seemed to be still under construction or a big renovation at least. They walked past a hallway and up a staircase to the rooftop.

By the time they got there, the rain had stopped but there were puddles everywhere and it was still very windy. The woman took a knee beside one of the puddles and rolled it up from the floor. As it stopped in her hands like a mat she froze it and made a barrel from it. " This much should do it," she said as she gave her the frozen barrel.

She looked for the right spot and found a dry patch in between three puddles. She jumped to it and put the barrel in front of her. She took off a jacket she was wearing to give her wings more freedom and she extended them slowly. The moonlight reflected off her wings as she started to move them, sparkling like diamonds.

She focused and started to lift off of the ground with her eyes closed. She lifted her hands and put her wrist together cupping the moon in the middle. As she did that the reflections of the moon in every puddle started to rise from them until they got to the same height as her hands.

One minute from midnight her wings were moving so fast that it looked like they were static floating in place reflecting not only the moon but every reflection from the puddle. A bright white lava-like liquid emerged from her hands when the clock struck midnight and slowly it started to fill the frozen barrel.

The tall fairy covered her eyes as it was almost too much light to look at but watched expectantly the barrel filling up. After the barrel was full she opened her eyes and touched the ground. A bit dizzy, she kneeled and grabbed the barrel.

The reflections of the moon still floating fell back to the puddle like water droplets. She picked up the barrel and put the lid on top of it. The woman came close and grabbed the barrel from her " thanks" she said. Then with one look, she froze her wings and pushed her off the roof.

With the wind on her face and her wings frozen and the last bit of energy she could muster, she cast a spell and a white rope tied from her hip to the moon suddenly appeared and stopped her seconds before hitting the ground. She fell to the ground exhausted and sat beside a homeless man asking for change, " hey" she nodded as the man looked confused, still shaking his cup.

As she sat there, she cursed and blamed herself for going there. " I knew it was a trap," she said, hitting her head with the palm of her hand. She got up with great difficulty and started to call a taxi again. Right as she got in it started raining again, this time she let every neon sign pass by.