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Molten Lava.

He put his hand on the sand and felt the vibration of the earth almost like a heartbeat.

‌‌But something was wrong, there was anger in the heartbeat. There was a part unreachable, behind a wall of darkness.

‌‌He took his hand out of the sand and started walking towards the inactive volcano.

‌‌The legend said right there was where the first drop of creation was dropped and as it bounced up it solidified into a mountain.

‌‌Powerful wizards would pull the sickness out of the earth, melting it and pushing it out through the top of the mountain.

‌‌That could be the way to get rid of the darkness so he made his way up.

‌‌Midway up there was a tree as part of the tradition he thanked the tree and broke off a branch.

‌‌When he reached the highest point overlooking the crater he started the ritual.

‌‌He took his shirt off and held the branch in his right hand then stomp his right foot as he hit his bicep with the left hand.

‌‌The sky turned gray and there was a very low rumble under the earth.

‌‌As the ritual continued the lava started to emerge without spilling. Just burning the top layer of the ground makes everything around it glow orange.

‌‌The sky mirrored the crater by leaving a circle of the same size in the middle of all the gray.

‌‌The intensity of the ritual intensified as the heat from the volcano grew, he went down on one knee and put his hand on the ground.

‌‌He felt it then, the pain inside the earth raw and vivid, he recognized the pain as he's felt it before a betrayal.

‌‌Using the emotion as fuel he finished the ritual, the ground gurgling underneath and the bubbles of lava exploring outside, even the sky was tense.

‌‌And then almost before it was all out of control two rivers of lava flowed down the side of the mountain, as they did in his face.

‌‌A lightning strike in the middle of the crater ended the ritual and it started to rain. The rivers of lava become rock and the tears water but the earth felt light again.