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Looking for the castle.


The replicant sat down on the kitchen stool and got itself a cup of coffee. Pointed with a finger to the radio and dialed a familiar station.

After putting the phone on the wireless charger in the kitchen. The holographic images started to pop up. Every application on the phone was up floating right over the kitchen counter.

Simultaneously the replicant would look at different apps and on a different holographic whiteboard connected the pointers to the castle.

Post, post, song, 'not a match" said a voice from the speakers. " Hmm," the replicant paused. Post, post, song, " match" it took note and tried on another set. Post, song, podcast, "match". It went on for hours and when it was done the replicant got up and made its way to the coffee shop on the corner.

This place was also where it came for clues. The replicant sat and ordered the regular. With a thumb on the table, the matching information from the apartment was downloaded onto it and the replicant could see them all floating over the table.
In the human world, the replicant was almost invisible. Everyone at one point or another decided that decoding meaning from seemingly meaningless things was the best way of communicating with it. Its mission was to find the castle, the place that created it. Where the replicant was made.

Now after convincing and turning brain games into realities the replicant was stuck looking for the castle. It knew who knew but the problem was that there was no way to know if they knew he was a replicant.

Some people remember, but they couldn't help. Some people knew but didn't believe he was, he was so human after all, it was impossible.

" stop it, you know you're not and you're just trying to fuck with me, why are you doing this?" Was most of the conversations except for the ones that went something like " what castle? That's for replicants and you're a human. I don't know where it is. Are you ok?" Frustrated, the replicant gave up on those conversations. unsure of the reality of who was lying. The problem was, that they all thought the replicant was the one lying.

However, only the replicant could see the holograms so the humans would only see it playing with the air or moving a finger over the table. The replicant could see a look of pity every time the eyes of a stranger met through one of the holograms.
Looking at the holographic whiteboard the replicant could see most of it, the names, the good and bad but distorted merely a tale built up in its head, so it was hard to explain to real humans.

There were always so many points of reference. The replicant couldn't explain the way the castle showed itself to it. Most of the time it felt like the replicant was looking for something that didn't exist.

On the worse nights in fits of anger, the replicant would destroy the hotel room, frustrated and alone, it must be its fault. too incompetent to find it for itself and it was its fault for building walls to keep people out there was no way to complain when no one came knocking.

Matching and correlating the replicant spent its days still trying to find it. Looking for proof that it was real.

Second part

On a morning like another as the replicant tried to get information matches. A message popped up. It was not a message to the replicant but rather just a public newspaper. 

When reading it a random memory started to play in its head. It was a chess match and in it, the one playing black started to talk as he took the rook off the board with a bishop " that's called a fork, where you threaten two pieces at once with only one of yours". 

Something in the replicant's head clicked "it's a fork the message it's a fork! It's for me but for someone else too" in that instant the replicant understood perception as keys that opened prism doors. 

Everyone holds a key based on what they know and the door will open based on what they know the door will take the color of the key. 

And with one door two people can open the same door and end up in different rooms. " perception " the replicant thought. " to write something for someone with the right key, just to find who holds it. 

To post a door painted one color and see who can go through it. They have the key I need"

Third part

In a batch of matched information, the replicant found a new set of creatures. Double-jointed elbows and with skin going from the wrist to the back to make wings.

They were human once but found the castle before the replicant and never came out the same ' clout vampires'. The replicant named them.

After not hearing from them for years. And still no word from any of them. one morning, sent from the castle, they broke in through the window.
The replicant quickly grabbed a tranquilizer dart rifle and started to run around the house trying to not let them eat it.

" You've got it all wrong!" Screamed the replicant loading darts into the gun " I have the antidote and can bring you back!" it tried to reason as it ran shooting behind it.

"You don't understand!" said the replicant as one of the clout vampires corner it against a wall " I have it right here" the replicant pulled a glass container with a green liquid inside. " If you take me there, it's all yours, not only the antidote but everything in the castle. All you have to do is be the first to take me there" the biggest one of the clout vampires got close and as it tried to bite the head, the replicant woke up from the nightmare.

The replicant got up and looked for the jacket, after checking the pocket the antidote was still in it. " Be the first and the castle is yours," said the replicant repeating the dream. It sat down pensive as this thought repeated in its head.

Then a memory started playing, altered and modified, the lips didn't match the voice talking and every face was blurry like in a dream.

"trapped in the infinite lands of imagination

somewhere to be but no way gets there

but if you imagine for a second

they know I can't be there

you'll see the strings

That makes the hearts dance

to the rhythm they desire

you'll see who wins

by screaming come in

behind the locked door"

Shacking its head to recover from this memory, the replicant started to bring up the ingredients to make more of the antidote and got to work.


The replicant sat on the couch and said "visualization number 745 ' the last move' play" The field of vision of the replicant went dark and then figures started to emerge. With the evidence on one side of the screen connecting to every move that was about to happen. 

In the visualization, characters started to emerge, ' close window' the replicant clicked a button, now 3 more. "Hmm let's see" now 3 more the next day and 3 more the next day, and then finally close all socials and with that no more open windows. Play" 

The figures on the screen started to move at double the normal speed and a million things started to happen. A pop-up showed up when the visualization was done. 

'Danger of isolation. Percentage of error too high. Scenario suggestion: rewrite" " Fuck!" Said the replicant as its field of vision came back into the room. " That was the last idea. I don't know what to do anymore. I don't understand why it had to be this way. But I guess that is a useless question.
'Everything that is happening has been waiting to happen since the beginning of time' I guess but it doesn't make it less frustrating. 

That was the last plan for finding the castle. A big dramatic ' take me or I'll leave!' But I guess it has to be this way for some reason. 

Assuming best intentions from every party, we're all stuck waiting for the other to move. I can't find it but I have to get back to the magic. " The replicant went to the kitchen counter and moved a hand to reset where it kept all the evidence. It grabbed the keys and locked the door behind it.