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Lights off

They pulled over quickly on the countryside road, It was almost time.  All the lights from the adjacent cities were about to be turned off.

‌‌It was the fifth year in which some small parts of governments decided to create a holiday in which at ten every light in the city was to be turned off.

‌‌The city would stop for one hour; the only spectacle left was the universe above.

‌‌This year every big city close to them agreed to join the holiday. No light pollution from any close-by city.

‌‌They pulled out the chair from the trunk and started a countdown as they sat down.

‌‌"...two…. One!"‌‌

A wave of darkness started to cover the horizon. They waited a couple of moments for their eyes to adjust and then looked up.

‌‌There was an explosion of stars and constellations.

‌‌People on their balconies in every city came out to see the universe.