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Light transfusion.

She sat looking out the patio doors into the garden. Her blue eyes couldn't hide the heaviness her heart felt.

‌‌Suddenly the room changed and there was no more garden outside. The dark space was illuminated by nothing but a couple of stars were the only thing she could see.

‌‌One of the stars knocked at the doors, she slowly got up and opened the sliding doors that used to lean to the patio.

‌‌The star, nothing but a ball of light, somehow told her to follow it. She looked down into the depth of space and terrified held on to the door.

‌‌The star moved down and knocked something like an invisible glass step. Without words, she understood and carefully stepped on it.

‌‌As she walked slowly on the invisible bridge there was another floating building like her house behind her.

‌‌The automatic doors opened as she walked in guided by the star. Inside the building, she laid down and the star took human shape still glowing.

‌‌Awake and without feeling anything she saw the star operate on her heart, wiping off sweat the star seemed to saw and hammer and staple with tools also made of light.

‌‌To finish the procedure the star plugged a syringe into itself and put another small hose into a bucket. The star gave her a light transfusion as the bucket filled up with the dark matter.

‌‌She got up from the operating table and took the bucket, the star pointed at a random spot on the floor and she threw the contents of the bucket to that spot.

‌‌The floor became space as the liquid passed through it and she saw the dark of it change into the colours of a nebula as it froze in place.

The floor came back and the star waved, suddenly the floor where she stood moved rapidly back into her house and when she closed the sliding door the garden was back.

She sat back down slowly and smiled.