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Late for work

There was a noise downstairs, but there was no one at the house. He went down the stairs and stood quietly at the end of the hallway. He heard it again it was coming from the storage under the stairs, with one hand on the door handle he put his ear close to the door.

The sound was gone, but he opened it anyway. He was looking for the light when suddenly the door closed behind him. He moved the jackets and shirts out of the way to get back to the door, he opened it, but he was upstairs in the studio. Confused he stepped into the room and closed the door, the noise was back.

He paused and looked up,  listening. When he let go of the door handle and turned around, he was in his room.  He heard the noise this time in the attic, so he left his room towards the door but didn’t open it. He knocked twice and listened. Nothing. Twice more and listened. Still nothing. He opened the door and stepped in, but carefully, so the door wouldn’t close behind him.

There was no way to hold it open and go up the stairs at the same time so the door closed. To his surprise, the stairs were going down to the basement instead of up to the attic. He turned back and opened the door, stepped out looked around, and closed it. He looked at his hand now holding the patio door.

He opened and closed that door too, and he was now in the other room upstairs, right where he started. He went down to the storage again, and that took him to the office, then the attic, then the basement, then the patio. It was a puzzle. All he needed to figure out now was the combination for the washroom door. He had about ten minutes left to leave the house, or he was going to be late.