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Jukebox wishes.

In a white room of marble, she made music with the wishes from the fountain.

A jukebox in the corner took in the coins that the people from the restaurant picked from the fountain.

The wish made with that coin came up in between the buttons of the jukebox as a shot. She would take it and play the harp.

At the end of the meal, every table had to tip a coin and a wish to the fountain, and then the people just coming in would take a coin from it.

The shot would be brought to her on a silver platter as she finished playing the melody of the last wish.

Some people saw it in colors as the music floated in the air, and others were brought back to a memory by a smell.

There was no food at the tables and there was only one server, he would bring the shot glass to her and take it back to the kitchen.

After the shot she would be transported to the wish without leaving the restaurant and then her hands would move as she was absent.

The applause after every wish was played echoed through the marble walls until it was silent and the next table took the coin to the machine.machine