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In the night sky.

" I'll tell you a secret," he said as they walked back from the store, taking the shortcut through the cemetery.  

"It's a secret because to this day  I'm not quite sure what I saw. That one summer in the woods.  I woke up in the middle of the night to take a piss and then saw her.

In a clearing in the middle of the forest, illuminated by the moonlight a woman came out of the darkness of the woods. she moved her hand towards the back of her neck and moving her hair away,  she pulled something with her hand clenched into a fist.  She stretched one hand forward and with her fist, she touched it and pulled it back.

With her elbow up and two fingers holding an imaginary rope from a bow that didn't exist she pointed to the sky and let go.  In the sky where she pointed a shooting star showed up and disappeared into the night sky.

She turned and I hid behind a tree.  Then just as she showed up she disappeared.  I've never told that to anyone before because I'm still not sure what it was but there it is a secret for a sandwich"