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Guide at the cliff.

She watched the top of the hill from the dock. There was a figure that walked up to the edge and waited.

‌‌The figure would wait until it was dark until the lighthouse turned on. Then she would leave walking slowly away from the edge.

‌‌One day a ship arrived, one of the old ones with big sails, well-kept. As she walked the dock looking for the captain she saw the same figure at the front of the ship carved in wood.

‌‌When she asked the captain, he told her a story about a sailor that came back too late after she got sick. He took the chisel and started to carve her on every ship he got commissioned.

‌‌Everyone that travelled in a ship with her carved figure on it never got lost and no one even got sick. It became a good luck charm and sailors would only work on a ship that had her carving on it.

‌‌To this day the figure guides the ships to shore waiting still at the same place.

‌‌She finished work and made her way to the cliff. The sky started turning red and almost when she lost all hope of seeing the figure it showed up.

‌‌From up close, she saw the dress moving without wind and her hair floating like it was underwater. Then, the figure moved her arms up in front of her and started moving her fingers.

‌‌As she watched, she felt a gust of wind come from the side and as the figure moved her fingers she felt the wind change.

‌‌The sky was getting darker as the figure kept on moving her fingers back and forth like she was playing the harp.

‌‌Right before the sun was gone the figure moved one of her hands like it was wrapping something around her wrist and pulled with the weight of her body.

‌‌A gust of wind pushed her back as she watched, almost throwing her to the ground. Then, a ship as far as the eye could see started to take shape on the horizon.


The figure turned and started to walk away.  Behind her, the light of the lighthouse followed and when it hit her she disappeared.


She watched the boat follow the light and get close to shore wondering if anyone else had seen the figure before.