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On her boat, she paddled slowly moving to a cluster of stars to pick just the necessary for that night.

She came as close as she could to the tree and pulled the closest one with one hand. The boat rocked a bit from side to side as she took another one and put it in a jar. Every time a star was plucked the invisible tree of light where they were hanging was visible for just a second.

The rays of light that came after the star was separated drew the tree and then dimed back into the night. Thirteen stars were needed never from the same cluster, the tree would go bad and not bear any more, especially if she picked them at the wrong time.

After grabbing the necessary stars she whispered words in an ancient language and the boat submerged into the dark of the night. Her hair flowed slowly as if underwater, then still holding the jar she was in freefall falling back to earth.  

The speed and force of the fall were met right before touching the ground by another whisper and a wave of dirt left the place where only her tiptoes delicately touched the ground.

With a few more words the ground folded back opening a staircase. Before entering, another word set her hand on fire to help illuminate the way down. At the end of the stairs, a white door had more of the words engraved on it. The fire on her index finger receded and a key started to push the skin of her finger and take its shape.  

The keyhole that wasn't there before started to open as her finger got closer to the door. She twisted the key three times and still on her finger,  her skin twisted at the tip of it. Then she said: " I hate this part" and broke the key from her finger.

The keyhole swallowed the key and a doorknob popped out of it right under where the keyhole was. She opened the door and closed it behind her. On the other side, she could hear the dirt rearranging itself back to not being stairs.

She sat behind the desk and looked at the screens in front of it. Two subjects, in particular, caught her attention. One looked at the camera and said 'thank you ' it startled her a bit. Clicking a few buttons and pulling levers a song started to play ' can we just talk?' to which he replied in his mind " yeah I would love to but I don't know who you are, just give me a sign".

"Interesting," she thought and moved on to subject two to which she said " you, only the people close to you believe the façade you've built. Out here in the real world, everyone knows who you are.  Soon they will all see it too. Your real face."

" fate behaves as she pleases" hanged on a cottage-like a plank of wood of a nail on the wall. "Do not forget this" she added, smiling.

She took the jar with the freshly picked stars and one by one she put them on the machine. She pushed two buttons and pulled a huge lever then sat back down to watch the monitors.