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Cursed by silence.

‌‌A lightning bolt struck the ground and from it, the creature emerged. Hands first, with limbs and joints cracking and the rustling of chains as it came out.

‌‌The worst of the noise came from its many mouths. Everywhere around its body, no eyes or nose just mouths. The creature was cursed with two ears to hear all of them and with chains on his hands unable to shut any of them, its hands hanging permanently in the same position.

‌‌"Reason," said a voice " logic" and the loudest on the forehead started a monologue " this incessant chattering purposeless filled with…."

"Farts!" Said a voice coming from the neck. A couple of the mouths laughed as the rest kept talking, suddenly the loudest mouth moved from its shoulder to the forehead " silence!" Half the mouths obeyed as the rest kept talking, but it didn't last long.

‌‌The creature tried to reach somewhere to quiet at least one of them but the chains pulled from every side keeping its hands in place. Doing nothing but rattling the chains at least that was a different sound.

‌‌The ever-mutating body of the monster always transformed to put the louder mouth on the forehead. A self-aware creature full of poison from every mouth, careless enough to bite its tongue.

‌‌A certain resistance to the poison kept the creature alive but it was a slow death from its own mouth. A pitiful creature searching for something to make it all stop the noise, the pain, the poison.

‌‌An aimless search tied to itself. To the voices from itself consumed by its poison. With nothing but a loudmouth on the forehead.