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She held her guitar hunched over it, to practice she thought, but it had been a while and way too many distractions.

‌‌Finally, she started playing a chord but there was no music. She looked around in the room and it didn't make sense as the bird right outside the window was singing.

‌‌She played one more and then another but there was no sound still. Stubbornly she played a song imagining the sounds in her head until the last note.

‌‌When she tried to get up from the chair, the guitar felt heavy. She moved it to the table close by and looked inside.

‌‌The size of her body started to change until she was small enough to fit through the hole of the guitar.

Inside she saw the song and where all the music was going, there was a city inside of it.

‌‌It was all hers and from the ground, she could still play the strings and modify and change it.

‌‌She built cities from familiar songs and tore them down and built some of her own and started over. musical cityscapes in her hands.