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Bronze battles.

Bronze plated armour, half-sister of Athena and Aphrodite.

‌‌She was a warrior by circumstance. Her gentle nature behind the armour.

‌‌She could take the lies and wrap them in compassion and still fight the battle.

‌‌In bloody battles where the mind is gone and the sword moves by itself when the soldiers and more animals than humans.

‌‌When the dirt of battlefields becomes bud with the blood of fallen soldiers it is her who whispers in the ears of the ones that with a sword to the throat of the enemy see their humanity.

‌‌She comes down to the battlefield with the rest of the soldiers moving delicately between battles to save as many as she could.

‌‌After the battle soldiers left no matter the side would kneel and join her army pledging their swords to the bronze of her armour. " Thank you" said every soldier.