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Before the legend.

Listening to the song " hijo de la luna" by Mecano. Started to wonder why the moon would want a kid.

The water was still. Except for the ripples created by the paddles of the small boat. Right in the middle of the dark lake after all the ripples passed. The man would watch the stars reflecting off the water and when the moon was in the middle of the sky. He would watch the reflection of the moon take shape.  

Out of the water, the delicate figure of the moon would walk over the water. the man would watch it run and dance.  This only lasted as long as the water was still, any ripple would send the moon back to the sky.  

One night she saw him watching and curiously walked towards him. As she got closer he didn't move; he knew he needed to stay as still as possible. When she reached the boat she touched it but it made it move and just like that she was gone. He let go of a breath he was holding and disappointed laid back on the boat still looking up.

This went on for a couple of nights until he gestured with his hands not to touch the boat. She made a gesture with her hands and a trail of light followed after them. He was about to talk but then she put a finger on her lips and pointed at the lake. He's never seen it before but the rest of the stars were also standing on the water not quite a figure but more like small slow comets moving, barely missing the surface of the water.

She made a gesture with her hand and the stars listened moving left and right with her hands. Excited, the man tried touching one of the stars and as he got closer the boat flipped and he fell into the water. When he came out it was all over. The next night she got close enough to whisper. Conversations about playful stars and angry comets that rarely visited. One night he wasn't there, the boat was still at the shore and there was no sign of him.

She danced and ran all the same then watched the sunrise and let her body fade in with the light of the sun. The nights passed and the boat was never used until one night she grabbed a star and made it so that it would find him and bring him back. She waited patiently that night and almost as the sun started to rise. He was back with a baby, he'd meet a girl and fall in love.

The moon saw the baby and something in her changed, after she saw it she knew the man would never be back. She grabbed a star and crushed it into dust, then another one and then one more to which she only pinched a bit.

She put her hand inside the lake and let two drops fall into the dust. She cupped it and blew on it. As she did that the inside of her hands started to glow, she grabbed the newly made star and put it Right up the baby's forehead. It went inside the baby as it laughed and gently fell asleep.

She explained it was a present, the baby would be able to hear the stars whisper at night and talk to them. The man thanked her and left. She saw them walking away as the sun started to rise and she went back to the stars.