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Back Inside.

The tree stood in the middle of the field. The light went through the leaves drawing their shape on the ground.

She sat there reading in between a dream and a memory. The house was far away and the sky was blue, the sound of the cicadas filled the air on that summer day.

Not too warm and not too humid even though it was the middle of the day.

The book started to change and became instructions. Barely readable but somehow she understood them.

Diagrams and shapes and figures.

She took it under her arm and started climbing the tree. The light through the leaves hit her skin softly as she went up.

Halfway up, she saw a fruit hanging illuminated by a ray of light. She grabbed it and took a bite.

Suddenly she could feel her pulse. Her heart, beating and every breath she took.

She took another bite and felt her eyes change colours. She rubbed them with her hands and looked up at the top of the tree.

Passing the leaves and the branches there was a door with a lock on it.

As she kept climbing, she could feel the pulse of the tree, as well as her eyes, kept changing colours.

By mistake, she grabbed one of the rays of light that were passing through the leaves and instead of climbing the tree by the branches she started using the rays of light.

A layer of yellow started to cover her hands like it was pollen.

By the time she got to the door, her hands were glowing like she was wearing gloves of light.

She grabbed the lock with her hands and it started to melt. The red-hot iron fell to the ground in drops as she held it.

She pushed the door open and she had to cover her eyes from the brightness of the room. As she opened them slowly she felt her body covered with the light pollen from the tree and started to wake up slowly.