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A door creaked open as he walked. The old house with worn-out wooden floors made sounds all night but this door was always closed.

He held a candle as he moved but somehow there was a light coming from this room. The room was part of the last addition as it wasn't in the blueprints.

As he got closer, the dire from the candle was turned off by a gust of wind that came from the door.

He stepped in and the light started flashing a bit. It was a long hallway with only a hanging lightbulb in the middle.

The lightbulb moved side to side and flickered as he walked slowly through the hallway.

Every step made the floor creak and after a couple of, there was a noisier creak at the end of the hallway, and another door opened.

Suddenly the lightbulb went out and the only light was reflected on the wall in front of the door.

He got closer and heard the door behind him close with a creak and a slam.

When he got to the door, he wasn't able to reach the doorknob, it was right there but something wouldn't let his hand wrap around it.

He turned around to go back and noticed that the light projected on the wall in front was not interrupted by his blocking some of it.

Slowly he moved closer to that wall instead and reached for where the handle should've been.  

His hand went through the shadow and felt the doorknob. He took one step inside as the door opened, also creaking.

The room on the other side was completely white and there was a silence that almost made him feel the need to fill it.

The door creaked one last time and closed behind him.  

Inside there was the silhouette of a woman, it was gray floating in the middle of the room.

On her right side around the abdomen but closer to the hip but not too close there was a dark spot.

A table stood beside her with knitting needles. He took one and carefully grabbed a point of the dark spot and started to pull.

When he had a pretty long rope he started to knit something. It was mostly knots but then he saw it was a ladder.

Still connected to the side of her body when he was done with the last knot, the ladder went up as if something was pulling it from above.

He looked up and saw nothing but white then started climbing.

Along the way covered in light, there were body parts, floating stomach, pancreas and other parts that he started putting in his pockets as he went up.

After a while, he reached the end. Not too far from the ladder, she was there sitting with her knees to her chest looking up into the white.

He waved and she waved back. He then made a gesture asking if she wanted to come down but she nodded no.

Please he gestured but she nodded no again.

He showed her one of the organs shining bright as she was, this caught her attention and she got up and walked closer.

He put that one back and took another, she jumped excited and started to run towards the ladder.

She made a gesture for him to move away or start going down the ladder so he did. He started watching how the ladder started burning after she passed it.

When they made it down to the ground, the dark spot was no longer there but she was still gray and floating.

He took the organs and started placing them one by one. As the bright version of her danced and jumped in excitement.

Her gray was now translucent with the shining of the organs inside her. Her bright version moved the table to be in front of her and started moving away to get a run up to it.

She ran and jumped and then used the table for a last push and dove right into her chest.

Her body ripped in gray until all the ripples came back and made a drop of gray leave her body. This drop then turned bright and fell back into her chest.

With that drop, she glowed even brighter than her other version and her body fell to the ground.

She landed on her feet and looked at him. Glowing bright without a word, he understood and dove into the white of the ground.

Startled, he woke up on a train and looked around him to see if anyone had seen him fall asleep. He sat back straighter and looked outside the window at the trees passing by.