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A Shadow.

The stars aligned on the ninth day at the ninth hour, a line of bright dots drawn into the sky. The sand from the bottom of the ocean lifted to make a path starting at the beach and following the stars. A bridge of sand formed as the shadow walked one step after the other.

The water kept moving back as the sand made the path. The shadow walked until the sand stopped rising. There, where the last star shined the brightest. The shadow drew four runes on the sand and took a flask engraved in the same runes. Then it pointed the flask up and whispered words of power in an ancient language a pulse came from the flask and the stars started to melt.

As the shadow whispered the stars swirled into a tornado of light all going into the flask. With a shaky hand and barely holding the flask the shadow was now screaming the words over the chaos in the sky. Forcibly the shadow closed the flask with the other hand. The dark sky, empty of all light, felt loud and tense.

Like an injured soldier holding a wound. With a couple more words a dark smoke came out of its clothes and held the water around it in place. The runes in the sand burned bright red; the shadow kneed and grabbed a handful of every rune. With a clenched fist and a bright red hand, the sand started to melt and a lava-like substance started to fall from the hand. with that, the shadow drew a  circle made so that all the lines would meet in the middle of it.

As the shadow held the flask in a very low voice three words came out of its mouth almost involuntarily. At the end of the third, a thunder-like sound from the dark sky rattled the earth. The circle burned bright red again and from the middle of it, a cup started to emerge. As it came out it brought with it the lines of melted lava that made up the circle.

The shadow opened the flask and another pulse sent all the water around at least two meters back. The cup was cold to the touch and heavy but above all, it was also thirsty, the shadow bit his hand and gave the cup its fill of blood. As the blood touched the cup it disappeared and the cup got lighter. When the cup was satisfied the shadow grabbed it.

The silver cup was still burning red where the lines of the circle held it in place. As the shadow poured the stars out of the flask, there was another pulse right when the stars touched the cup and another thunder-like sound was heard coming from the sky. As if nature itself was trying to stop what was about to happen.

When the last drop left the flask and fell into the cup the flask turned into ashes that flew away with the wind. The shadow held the cup with two hands and drank every last star. The cup, burning even brighter now fell to the ground empty. There, it sank back into the sand and the lines went back to the circle. That for one last second was bright red and then just smoke.

The shadow quietly fell to its knees, and one more pulse was felt as the shadow tried to scream but nothing came out. On its knees, hands to the side and screaming without noise towards the dark sky. There was one more thunder, like a lament and when it was done the horrible shriek from the shadow was the only thing audible for miles. The shadow clawed at its own skin like there was something burning inside, now the pulses were inside its body, not any softer and more frequent.

A bright light started to come out of the wound from the bite. The shadow grabbed the wound with the other hand and with great difficulty whispered three words that closed the wound and extinguished the light. Then, it saw more light coming out from where its own nails had been. Covering the wounds with both hands it whispered the words again and stopped the light. Pulsating the shadow got up. With one movement of the hand, the water froze making a path.

The ice beneath its feet broke and froze continuously as it walked back to the beach. There,  as it walked only putting one palm up as it rested beside the hip the sand under it became glass. In one calculated movement, the shadow turned as if to test its power. It lifted both hands and screamed a word. A pulse came out of its body and the whole ocean froze. Looking at its hands it turned back and started walking and in a cloud of dark smoke, it disappeared.