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A philosopher king.

" When did we stop creating and looking for what could be a better system?" Asked Caph " What do you mean?" replied Ain " Like Winston Churchill said: 'democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the other ones' except he probably didn't say that at all," said Caph and chuckled a bit.

They got into the car and started driving. "I don't know why can't we code the perfect ruler, make a philosopher-king as an AI. I imagine something like this: the next democracy hosted on the blockchain and voting on what tissue is more important than another and then allocating resources depending on the vote.

Every two years there's a new voting stage and with data, we analyze how well we're doing and if it needs a change." Driving along the coast with the sea to their left the sun started to set. " You have to admit it is a terrifying idea though.

To give all this power to a machine to rule us?" Said Ain " I mean yeah but we're still making the thing. Until it starts coding itself we will still be in control. Plus it has been years since we started to write code and only now that it's very common to do we understand processes better. Like the brain, we talk about our brain functioning in programs, programming, and reprogramming the brain.

If the things we are creating can become a mirror to better understand ourselves, then imagine what we could learn from AI." Replied Caph