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A philosopher king.

He signaled the waiter to bring two more with his fingers, the bar was loud and busy that night.

–dude what are you talking about??

–listen, man, the whole thing is broken, we’ve been using the system for hundreds of years and even president Churchill said “it’s the worse form of government except for all the others”

–dude you make no sense

–dude democracy is just the illusion of choice when was the last time you felt represented by a “leader” that won. And even worse the ones that could make a change are pushed down by the same system or worse in this country killed.

–yeah man but that’s just how things are.

–fuck that saying man. Why are stagnating there is no change as a society I’m positive when we look back on these days, these will be the dark ages of the modern world.

The system is broken we’re always choosing between getting shot on the leg or stabbed in the shoulder. Why can’t we pick not to get hurt???

– you make no sense dude. Either that or I’m gonna need a lot more beers

– I still remember that one time. I thought there was power on the people. It was here actually this city. When we were choosing mayors about 8 years ago. Both candidates were garbage. Career politicians just looking for money to steal.

But what did we do? Vote in blank more than fifty percent of everyone in this city gave them a big middle finger. We chose not to play the game.

Other than that how good of a system can it be when you can get a bus full of people to vote for a candidate with the promise of lunch.

How good of a system can it be if congressmen keep raising their salaries as kids starve in many different parts of the country.

– so what’s the option dude? Overthrow the government? And then what? What happens after? What takes its place? What happens after the people win in V-for Vendetta.

–you know I don’t have answers, just angry questions –what’s the point of the questions dude it’s just what we got.

–Nah man. I want something more. There has to be

–you watching the game tonight?

– no dude, who’s playing?

–reds vs greens is the classic.

–which is your team again?

–always red baby, you know it

– cool I’m betting green tonight

–you motherfu…

–beers on me though got to go It had become a habit of mine to listen in on conversations on loud bars, just the loud ones though, the ones that cut through all the noise, the ones I’d be stuck listening to anyway, so I pay attention. This one was by far my favorite.