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A hand from the future.

She didn't notice but she just lifted off the ground. Her curls floated in the air as she held her arms open in front of the book.

‌‌The bells from the church were hitting twelve. In the sixth hit, the lights of the apartment went out.

‌‌The book started to glow with a light of its own as she kept reading. The window started to rattle as her voice got louder.

‌‌There was a crack and the windows blew up. The glass was suspended in time for a second and then all the sharp started to float towards her but by the time they reached her, they were nothing but sand.

‌‌That didn't touch her because of an invisible bubble that the sand delineated. The book was protecting itself.

‌‌The sand on the ground started to lift and move right in between her hands. It became a ball slowly as all the particles moved around her arms to get to her hands.

‌‌In the center, a red glow started to emerge as the sand moved in. The sand melted and morphed and started to take the shape of a small mirror.

‌‌When the last grain of sand had become part of it she said the last word and dropped to the ground.

‌‌The lights came back and the windows weren't broken and in the middle of the book, a small mirror floated above it.

‌‌She took it by the edges making sure not to leave fingerprints in the middle and turned around. Behind her, there was a mirror hanging off the wall.

‌‌She took the smaller one and put it over one of her eyes, holding it between her eyebrow and her cheek. Looking right at the infinite reflections created on the bigger mirror. she reached inside the mirror in her face and pulled a ball of light.

‌‌As she ate it, the mirror in front of her started to change. Random images started to play on it, a memory, long lost but needed to understand the future.

‌‌The eye that wasn't covered by the mirror started to change colours as the people in the mirror started to move. The eye would take the colour of the person doing most of the taking.

‌‌At the end of the memory, a hand from the mirror extended itself as a question. She nodded in agreement and the hand reached to her heart and took the ball of light.

‌‌The mirror glowed as her eye changed colours again, this time a blue outline merging with green and finishing in yellow right before the pupil.

‌‌A memory started playing, except nothing in it had happened yet. She didn't recognize anyone in the mirror and her eye didn't change when someone was speaking.

‌‌The same hand came out of the mirror as the memory started to end. Stretching with it every image and turning the wrist to make it a ball, the hand reached and put the ball of light into the mirror in her face.

‌‌There was a sudden light and by reflex, she closed her eyes. The mirror in her eye cracked and turned back into sand as she felt her other eye painfully change colours back into her natural brown.

‌‌Instinctively she put a hand over her heart and closed the book. As she put it back on the shelf she knew exactly what she needed to do next.